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Should Be Here PLUS allows you to

Track your contacts in virtual real time anywhere in the world and contact them via pins on Google maps.  Set alert areas (circle around a pin location) on Google maps for yourself and/or your contacts.  “Jack should be here – the alert is sounding!”  “What are you doing in France today Renee?” “That object or location is nearby – the alert is sounding!” Something might be wrong – grandma has left her home neighbourhood!”

Key Features

  • See all your contacts locations on Google maps

  • Secure invitation to selected contacts for tracking that they need to accept before operational

  • Tap on the pin to get options to communicate to them through phone, email or AudioSMS (audio messaging system) and Facebook

  • Tap and hold on Google maps to create pins at locations, put in location information, warning/alert messages and set the radius of the circle

  • Alerts (audible and visual) are displayed on the iPhone and can be shared with other tracked contacts or emailed to selected people

  • Different alert areas include:

    • Personal – set an alert area for yourself. You can be warned either when entering and/or leaving the area with a specific message. Option to send a copy of the alert via email to nominated contacts so they know where you are or where you should be

    • Shared – set an alert area either for yourself and other invited tracked contacts so when they enter or leave the area, they get the alert message as well

    • Remote – set an alert area for selected tracked contacts. You only receive the alert message when they enter or leave that area

  • Stealth Mode – turn off the tracking so you disappear off the radar

  • Multiple remote or tracked units – no limit

  • View logs of all tracked contacts and yourself – history for each user at all pins / alert areas (date and time stamp)

  • Search the world for address and set alert pin at that locationr


  • Personal Safety – alert others automatically if you enter or leave areas that you shouldn’t have

  • Family – see where your family members are at all times and to alert you if they enter or leave designated areas

  • Friends - Provide a very visual tool (Google maps) to see where your contacts are, to keep in touch and to meet at agreed locations

  • Fun – geocaching, hide/seek

  • Work – define locations and track users that enter or leave those areas. Review recorded logs. Provide information on locations that personnel need to go to (eg) deliveries, work sites, assembly areas

  • Emergencies – set an alert around an accident site to alert others of the exact location and exclusion zone (eg) 5000metres around a gas explosion site

Exciting Future Development

  • We are currently building on Should Be Here PLUS to provide a commercial/industrial version for businesses

  • Membership to the Chatscatter web system to allow you to view and manage your data from any internet enabled computer.