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Image Plus

A simple to use and dynamic image annotation tool. Users can create multiple tags on a single image. Each annotation can then have text information, new images or audio files attached. Just double tap to create a tag then add audio, new images and text to each tag, or draw freehand lines on the image. Then email or post to facebook wall to friends or business colleagues. Great for friends/family or business.


  • Multiple tags on single image

  • Audio files for each tag

  • Image files for each tag

  • Free hand drawing of lines on image

  • Add new images to each tag – cascading images each with their own annotations (create a series of annotated images)

  • Each tag can have text information

  • Email main image with annotations and all linked tags including text, images and audio files

  • Create and save multiple image files with tags and linked information

  • Create and share interactive books on any subject - a series of interactive images that can be read like a book

Great for:

  • Photos of friends and family with voice messages

  • Photos of anything that needs more information – just add an audio file or other images that explains what you are looking at

  • Workplace and equipment inspections, audits and investigations.

  • Tourism and travel - information on locations

  • Training - simple "picture driven" training information on any subject