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A fun way to send and receive audio messages in chats with friends or groups. Record and send messages by shaking the phone so it is as hands free as possible. Tap and play audio messages – a lot more flexible and fun to use. Great for active people on the go, and for vision impaired or users that have difficulty using a small “fiddly” keyboard on their phone – chat with friends using audio messages instead!

Key features include:

  • Name chats – chat about different subjects with different users or groups.

  • Manage friends and create groups – chat with different groups about different topics.

  • Secure and confidential – invite friends and work colleagues who need to accept to be in the chats.

  • Put in images of users and groups so easy to see who they are

  • Send text as well as audio files

  • Shake commands – start record, end record, send message

  • Manual commands for recording and sending as well as shake commands

  • Outbox function – stores draft messages and sends later if the signal strength is interrupted

Exciting Stuff in the Future:

  • Access to the Chatscatter web site so that you can store and manage chats on-line and your iPhone chats are automatically updated.

  • Other cool stuff like sharing interactive images in your chats and on the web (download the ImagePLUS App here)

  • Create and manage your own “communities”!

  • Access on-line stores