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The coolest and most confidential way to stay in contact with friends. You can send and share text and audio messages, and interactive ("talking") photos with your contacts on a system designed to eliminate the security and confidentially issues of other “social networking” sites. Chatscatter is designed so users can create their own communities. Imagine being able to create a secure chat area for different groups of friends, project teams, work groups – the possibilities are endless. You control who the members are and who can see what.

Chatscatter is
Ideal for People Who:

  • Want some fun ways to share information to their selected friends, groups of friends or company groups and work teams

  • Are dissatisfied with other social networking sites

  • Haven’t joined other social networking sites because you are not convinced of their security

The Chatscatter Apps are optimised for iPhones but you can use Chatscatter on the web if you haven’t got an iPhone. Chatscatter replicates the key features of the Apps. The Apps and the web site are synced in real time so you can continue your chats wherever you are (on-line or mobile).

The key iPhone Apps are:

  • AudioSMS

  • ImagePLUS and

  • Should Be Here.